Amanda Agyapong

Community Partner Manager, YouTube
WABF Speaker - Amanda Agyapong
Amanda Agyapong is not only a dedicated Community Partner Manager at Youtube (Google) based in New York City but also an entrepreneur with a vision. With roots tracing back to Ghana and Togo, Amanda's African heritage plays a significant role in shaping her perspectives and endeavors. Her fervor for building creator connections and forging relationships is evident within the Shorts community. Amanda's unwavering commitment to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion at Shorts is commendable. At Youtube, some of her standout achievements include initiating the Creator City Representative program, leading Black History Month activities, and orchestrating numerous events that enabled creators to bond and interact face-to-face. Her active presence extends to social channels like YouTube and Instagram. Branching out from her managerial role, Amanda has taken a bold leap into the world of entertainment. She is in the process of establishing her own production company.

Panels involved in

Panels involved in

African Stories Unveiled: Elevating Narratives for a Global Audience

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Grand panel
2:20 pm
Jon M. Huntsman Hall
Celebrate the diverse and captivating stories of Africa that deserve a global platform