Keith Williams

Chief Financial Officer, The Greenwich Hazleton Group
WABF Panelist - Keith Williams
Keith Williams is a seasoned Senior Credit Analyst with over a decade in commercial banking, blending both experiences in corporate lending and risk analysis. His analytical expertise and strategic vision reinforce his reputation as a resourceful problem-solver, delivering results focused on quality and precision. Keith's banking expertise spans a broad spectrum—from syndications and structured finance to commercial real estate lending. In the realm of real estate, Keith has carved a niche focused on transformative practices. His initiatives, primarily rooted in Philadelphia, PA, Wilmington, DE, and extending to Accra, Ghana, internationally, champion the cause of building sustainable and affordable communities. His dedication to fostering developments that resonate with social responsibility align with long-term investing practices. Keith’s ongoing interests include progressive practices and policies pivotal in steering Africa towards its global economic potential.

Panels involved in

Panels involved in

Real Estate Investing for the Long Term: The Endurance of Responsibility

Breakout session 1
Grand panel
11:10 am
Jon M. Huntsman Hall
Learn how responsible real estate investment practices are driving sustainable development in Africa