Ozi Menakaya

Film & TV Agent, CAA
WABF Speaker - Ozi Menakaya
OZICHUKWU MENAKAYA is an agent in the TV International dept at Creative Artists Agency. Buoyed by 9 years of training at CAA across Motion Picture Marketing, Lit, Talent and Media Finance, Ozi has leveraged his expertise in film into the vast and ever fluctuating TV space. A child of immigrants from Africa, Ozi first found his love for entertainment when he was introduced to Nollywood while completing his high school education in Nigeria. Today, Ozi heads CAA’s Africa Initiative, working closely alongside CAA’s entrance into the Middle East. With an invaluable perspective of both African American and African culture, he stands positioned to bridge the divides between the vast and illustrious worlds of entertainment and culture.

Panels involved in

Panels involved in

African Stories Unveiled: Elevating Narratives for a Global Audience

Breakout session 2
Grand panel
2:20 pm
Jon M. Huntsman Hall
Celebrate the diverse and captivating stories of Africa that deserve a global platform