Solo Ceesay

CEO & Co-Founder at Calaxy App
WABF Speaker - Solo Ceesay
Solo Ceesay is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Calaxy, an open social marketplace for creators, by creators, that aims to reimagine the entertainment industry and the fundamental ways with which we all interact digitally. Ceesay is a former investment banker and first-generation immigrant born to Senegalese and Gambian parents. He raised $26 million in funding for the company just 18 months after leaving his Wall Street job. He secured a prestigious American education at Wharton, had an impressive championship college football career, and worked in competitive positions in trading and banking, and was the first of his family to foray into Wall Street. Solo applied his Wall Street experience as a securitization expert when he served as an advisor for Spencer Dinwiddie when he became the first NBA player to tokenize and securitize his contract. He endeavored to create solutions for these needs and trends by combining cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and social media

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Panels involved in

African Stories Unveiled: Elevating Narratives for a Global Audience

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2:20 pm
Jon M. Huntsman Hall
Celebrate the diverse and captivating stories of Africa that deserve a global platform