Farai Munjoma

CEO of Shasha Network and Mastercard Foundation Enterprise Officer
WABF Speaker - Farai Munjoma
Farai Munjoma is a Zimbabwean education entrepreneur and founder of Shasha Network, a UK-based non-profit empowering post-secondary African youth with soft skills, social capital, and personal development to achieve their fullest potential. It has a bold mission to reach 50 million young people across Africa. Shasha Network has collaborated with organizations such as Schmidt Futures, Emergent Ventures and Mastercard Foundation to advance talent identification efforts on the continent. Farai has spoken at the Harvard Business School and featured on the BBC‘s documentary series, 'People Fixing The World’. He is also the current Mastercard Enterprise Officer at Edinburgh Innovations, where he supports African scholars to build and scale their ventures.

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Maximizing Africa's Human Capital Potential through Education

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