Cynthia Obiozor

Oncologist and Clinical Development Medical Director, Amgen
WABF Panelist - Cynthia Obiozor
Cynthia is an Oncologist and Clinical Development Medical Director at Amgen,specializing in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and hematologic malignancies. Her contributions at Amgen include spearheading the clinical development of first in class KRASG12C inhibitor, LUMAKRAS, and managing the pivotal CodeBreak200 trial, the industry’s first randomized phase 3 trial for a KRASG12C inhibitor. Cynthia has also played a key role in supporting LUMAKRAS through expanded access clinical trials, central nervous system studies, and biomarker analysis. Before joining Amgen in 2019, Cynthia led early phase clinical trials at Dynavax for intra-lesion treatment of head/neck cancer and melanoma. She holds a M.D. and has received training in Internal Medicine and Obesity management from University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Wharton. Her Oncology and Hematology Fellowship at the University of Kansas focused on clinical outcomes and co-morbidities post bone marrow transplant.

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