Karl Nchite

CEO, CatalyzU
WABF Speaker - Karl Nchite
Karl Nchite was born in Botswana to Swedish and Zambian entrepreneurs but spent his upbringing in South Africa, where he attended university. Karl’s penchant for entrepreneurship began in college when he co-built a grooming startup to digitize the value chain for barbershop owners. This experience, combined with his financial background, helped him break into the VC space in his early 20’s. Karl began his venture career as a research associate at Goodwell Investments, an impact-focused VC firm with €350 million AUM, and quickly rose to become an investment associate. Karl also led the impact team at Goodwell, where he managed the firm’s impact measurement and reporting, and their various fund’s ESG reporting. After 4 years with Goodwell Investments, Karl pivoted back into entrepreneurship full-time, co-founding CatalyzU, an African talent-tech startup at the intersection of learning and job placement. Shortly after, CatalyzU exited stealth and was accepted Techstars Toronto.

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Panels involved in

Maximizing Africa's Human Capital Potential through Education

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Discover how innovative programs and partnerships are revolutionizing the continent's educational landscape