Sally Nnamani

Co-Executive Director, PeacePlayers US
WABF Speaker - Sally
Sally Nnamani is a Nigerian American Social Intrapreneur and the US Co-Executive Director at PeacePlayers International. Her life’s work is at the intersection of sport, social impact, social entrepreneurship, and international affairs. Her "think local, act global approach" to her work has served well in building successful strategic partnerships, and supporting major fundraising efforts across major US cities and across three continents. Sally is driven by the power of sport as an economic engine and a tool to strengthen communities and build agency in young people. Sally is based in New York City and she is involved in grassroots sports initiatives both here in the States and in Rwanda and Nigeria. She has spent time in South Africa, and the Middle East where her organization, PeacePlayers International is part of the grassroots and elite basketball ecosystem using sport as a tool to bridge divides and cultivate youth leadership.

Panels involved in

Panels involved in

Game Changers: Unleashing the Business Potential of African Play in Sports

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Witness the game changers who are redefining African sports and their impact on the world stage