Dr. Patrice Matchaba

Former President | Novartis US Foundation
WABF Speaker - Patrice
Dr. Patrice Matchaba is a seasoned physician with over 20 years in global drug development and public health. He recently served as the President of the Novartis US Foundation, the Novartis Group Head of Global Health and Corporate Responsibility, and the Global Head of Development for the Cardio Metabolic Franchise at Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Under his leadership in 2021, Novartis launched the "Beacon of Hope" Project, a collaborative effort with HBCUs and other esteemed organizations, targeting long-standing racial barriers in healthcare for marginalized communities in the US. Beginning his journey with Novartis in South Africa in 2000, he transitioned to the US in 2002, assuming multiple significant roles. Dr. Matchaba completed his MD at the University of Zimbabwe, was a Fellow of the College of Obstetrics/Gynecology of South Africa and furthered his studies at Harvard Business School. Additionally, he holds board positions at Last Mile Health, AXMEDRx, and was awarded an honorary

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