Aneto Okonkwo

Founder, Chatdesk
WABF Speaker - Aneto Okonkwo
Aneto is the co-founder & CEO of Chatdesk, a platform that helps brands scale 1:1 customer engagement and support across Social, Email, Chat, and SMS. After connecting with your existing tech stack, Chatdesk uses a blend of generative AI and CX experts to maximize the ROI of every customer interaction. Clients like OLAPLEX, SSENSE, MARS Inc and Andie Swim see up to 400% ROI. Before founding Chatdesk, Aneto spent 7+ years at Google building products like Voice Search and Google Assistant. He’s a Stanford University grad and has held roles at McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and Silicon Valley startups.

Panels involved in

Panels involved in

Africa's Rising Giants: The Growth and Resilience of the African Startup Ecosystem

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Grand panel
3:00 pm
Jon M. Huntsman Hall
Explore the dynamic African startup ecosystem and its role in driving global economic growth