Jonathan Halloran

Co-Founder, Jobomax
WABF Speaker - Jonathan Halloran
Jonathan Halloran serves as the CEO and Co-founder of Jobomax Global Ltd, a company dedicated to constructing homes for the diaspora and emerging middle class in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Ghana. Jobomax's core mission revolves around both environmental preservation and the empowerment of local economies. In regions where traditional home construction can span 10-20 years, Jobomax implements production home building techniques, dramatically reducing construction time to just 6 months or less. This achievement is made possible through the synergy of local and international technology, optimizing building efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and lowering overall costs. Additionally, Jobomax offers customized financing plans to make housing more accessible. Before co-founding Jobomax, Jonathan accumulated 25 years of experience working directly within or serving the construction and engineering industries. His most recent role was as the Executive Vice President of Client Services f

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Panels involved in

Real Estate Investing for the Long Term: The Endurance of Responsibility

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Learn how responsible real estate investment practices are driving sustainable development in Africa