Dr. Herbert Wigwe, CFR

Group CEO, Access Holdings Plc; Founder, HOW Foundation
WABF Keynote - Dr. Herbert Wigwe
Dr. Herbert Wigwe, C.F.R, is a visionary, a progressive business leader, philanthropist, and humanitarian. Acclaimed as one of Africa’s foremost corporate bankers, Dr. Wigwe is the Co-Founder, Group Managing Director (GMD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Access Corporation, one of Africa’s leading financial institutions. Dr. Wigwe is also the Founder of The HOW Foundation, a leading social enterprise invested in youth empowerment, education, women empowerment, health, thought leadership and mentorship. Most recently, he founded Wigwe University, a culmination of his lifelong ambition to build an exceptional, world-class, innovative, yet uniquely African institution to grow the next generation of leaders who will change the face of the African continent.

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