Amandla Ooko-Ombaka

Partner, McKinsey & Company
WABF Speaker - Amandla
Amandla is a partner in McKinsey & Company's Nairobi office, having started at the firm over seven years ago. She is a leader in the firm's Africa Agriculture and Consumer Packaged Good Practices and plays a crucial role within the McKinsey Center for Agricultural Transformation. Amandla is a co-author of McKinsey's well-known series on the Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Africa. She also frequently moderates key sessions at esteemed continental events around agriculture and development, such as the Africa Green Revolution Forum. Prior to joining McKinsey, Amandla was a lecturer at Swarthmore University, and a strategy advisor to various global S&P and FTSE companies as well as governments such as the Government of Rwanda. She is currently a Leadership Council member at the Harvard University Center for African Studies. Amandla holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, and a BA from Yale University.

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